About us:

TMR Firearms Training is a one stop shop for all your training needs. Established in 2018 our team has grown from one course into multiple different courses and range training. Whether you are an advanced shooter or someone just coming into the lifestyle, we have a course for you from gun cleaning 101 to CCW training. We also offer "Low Light", Child Safety, Home Defense, Carbine basics and advanced, First Aid, women's handgun, basic firearm, countering the mass shooter, AZ and UT CCW and many more! You might have seen us at shot show, gun shows in Orange County San Bernardino or Ontario and can find us on facebook and IG. We pride ourselves on our training from our USCCA and NRA certified instructors, ranging from basic pistol to range safety officers to certified CCW instructors. Joining one of our courses isn't just taking a class with us, it's far more than that. You are joining the TMR Firearms Training family. We are here for all your needs and will continue to be here in every step.

Mike CCW Gun Safety Course

Courses we offer:

  • Home Defense, Basic Firearms, California Pre CCW
  • Basic Firearms and Safety
  • Cleaning, Functioning and Assembly
  • Women Shooter
  • Carbine For Beginners
  • First Aid
  • Countering The Mass Shooter
  • AZ CCW
  • Carbine For Advanced
  • Child Safety Course (Coming Soon)
  • UT CCW (Coming Soon)
CCW and Gun Safety Class
These courses are for beginners, people looking to brush up on firearms knowledge, anyone looking to learn about concealed carry in California or Arizona or if you are looking to expand your knowledge at the range. No matter your skill level, will benefit from this class.  Topics include firearm regulations, CCW requirements, personal safety tips, how to determine the best gun for you, hands and stance & grip practice the laws for CCW and much more.
Also ask us about our group specials and range training days.
Joshs Gun Cleaning Class

What Our Students are Saying...

A few of our students have told us what they think of our classes and here's what they had to say

Class taken on Mar 20, 2022 | Taught by Mike Runion

Gret class, great instructors, great experience!

Submitted on Mar 21, 2022 by Robert C.
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Class taken on Feb 26, 2022 | Taught by Mike Runion

Great class really learned alot about safety and legalities. Both instructors Mike and Lee are very knowledgeable and for the people. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who wants to protect themselves and their families.

Submitted on Feb 27, 2022 by Andrew A.
Class taken on Oct 16, 2021 | Taught by Mike Runion

This was an excellent class. I have, and continue to recommend training with Mike and the staff.

Submitted on Dec 18, 2021 by Loenard H.
Class taken on Dec 18, 2021 | Taught by Mike Runion

Great experience every gun owner should take this class! Whether you are new to guns or you’ve known them your whole life! Give Mike Runion a call at TMR Firearms Training, Highly recommended!

Submitted on Dec 20, 2021 by Randy P.

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