TMR Firearms offers an  informational course for a Concealed Carry Permit for California and a non-resident Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class.

Our most popular class is an information course for a concealed carry permit in California.  This class walks you through the process of getting a CCW in California.  We describe the process in detail and help you understand what to expect at each step of the process.  Each county in California manages the process differently.  Our instructors have information you can use to apply and receive your permit.  The class includes a deep dive into the laws that apply to you after you have your CCW.  Not understanding these laws could result in you going to jail and loosing all of your firearms.

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Arizona CCW Finger Printing
Arizona CCW

The Non-Residency Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class is an all in one class.  We provide you with all of the materials you need in order to apply for the permit.  Our instructors help you fill out the form correctly and roll your fingerprints.  You walk away with everything you need to apply for the permit, except stamps and the check required by Arizona.  Any person applying for their California CCW is suggested to apply for Arizona first.

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Below you will find a link for the individual counties CCW application.    All CCW applications require that the individual, that is applying for the CCW, fill out an application, setup an interview, and schedule a day at the range.  These requirements are done through the Sheriff's Department and done by the Sheriff's Department.  The speed at which the application is completed is dependent on the county.


San Bernardino County Online Application
Riverside County Online Application
Orange County Online Application
San Diego County Download Application
Los Angeles County Download Application
Kern County Online Application