Meet The Staff

Mike Runion

Lead Instructor Mike Runion is the owner and founder of TMR Firearms Training. Growing up around guns all his life from family members in Law Enforcement to being in the Boy Scouts Of America and excelling at the firearms courses, everyone knew this is where he would end up. At the age of 16, Mike started competition shooting and ended up taking his hobby into a career by teaching hands-on firearms safety. Mike Opened TMR Firearms Training in 2018 with the goal of helping citizens operate their firearms for home defense or for a hobby, later becoming a USCCA certified instructor and teaching CCW courses. He has built a relationship with Law Enforcement and tactical trainers and is still competition shooting with these friends today. As a family man with a daughter and a son, Mike strongly believes in stating "You are your families first responder".  

Mike Runion Lead Instructor


Cheyenne is our jr instructor. shooting pellet guns since 3, she has grown to take on the hobby very seriously. Proudly knowing the main parts of a handgun but most importantly knowing the safety rules, she has decided to start teaching a child's course with her father, Instructor Mike. She will be teaching her childs course soon and looks forward to having you join her course.

Cheyenne Child Instructor

Josh Kolbach

Instructor Josh has been around firearms since he was 5 years old. Joining the Boy Scouts Of America in the 5th grade and quickly went on to earn his shotgun and rifle merit badge. When Josh turned 18 he felt his need to be a first responder, so he joined the US Air Force with his job title as security forces. There he earned marksmanship in every firearm he touched. After a few years Josh transferred to TRF (Tactical Response Force). Quickly became an instructor and taught everything from CQC (Close Quarters Combat) to low light/ no light maneuvers. Now he's a certified NRA instructor and a proud member of the TMR Firearms Training Team, looking forward to sharing his experiences with you. Josh has  classes once a  week and does range days  once a  week.

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Josh Kolbach Instructor

Honor Shade

Honor developed her passion, for firearms, from her grandfather and mother.  She spent her summers shooting firearms and crossbows with her grandfather in Wyoming.  She is creating a women's shooter class and is excited to begin teaching that class with the public.  She is currently the team member responsible for rolling fingerprints for the Arizona CCW class.  Honor is a Certified Notary Public and is perusing a masters in Business Administration.


Honor Shade Firearms Instructor

Lee Coleman

Lee has been around firearms her entire life.  Her youth was spent in South Dakota and Wyoming, learning the ins and outs of firearms and cross bows from her dad.  She is collaborating with her daughter, Honor, to develop the women's shooter class.  She is currently in charge of IT and advertising with TMR Firearms.  If you found this page she has been successful.  For more information on her IT services see

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Lee Coleman TMR Firearms Instructor