Home Defense, Basic Firearms, Pre-CCW – December 5th 2023


This is a USCCA Course



This course covers everything you are needing to know regardless of your experience level! Starting out with basic firearms and working our way through advanced firearms and ending with California gun laws and the CCW process.

This course covers:

Home Defense:

  • Choosing the right firearm for inside the home
  • How to secure your home inside and out
  • When you can protect yourself
  • Why and how to carry inside the home
  • The laws during and after a home invasion

Basic Firearms:

  • Revolvers vs semi-auto
  • Ammunition
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • AR-15 / shotguns
  • Grips / sight / stance / breathing
  • Advanced Shooting

California Gun Laws:

  • Castle Doctrine
  • Use of deadly force
  • During a shooting
  • Aftermath
  • The laws you need to know to keep you out of jail
  • Top laws that are broken by CCW holders in California


  • How to apply
  • The application
  • The Interview
  • What’s next and what to expect

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