Our firearms safety courses provide you with all of the material  needed to complete the course.  Many of our students have not purchased a firearm.  We have classes that are specifically for a new users and classes that are more suited to an  advanced firearms owner.

Basic Firearms Training

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  • Choosing the right gun for yourself
  • Correct method of aiming while firing
  • Weapon Safety
  • The correct stance for firing your weapon
  • Cleaning your weapon
  • Self defense

Home Defense

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  • Home defense skills
  • Active and defensive plans
  • Your rights regarding home defense
  • Long guns versus pistols in home defense
  • Ammunition to use in home defense

CCW Training

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  • Describes the process to apply for your CCW
  • Where to apply
  • Preparing you for the application
  • Prepping you for the sheriff's department interview
  • Prepping for the range day with the sheriff's department
  • USCCA Certification of completion

Women's Only Firearms Training

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  • Beginner to intermediate firearms training
  • Firearms safety
  • Correcting malfunctions
  • Shooting techniques
  • Firearms specific to women
  • CCW techniques specific to women

Gun Cleaning Workshop

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  • Learn how to safely clean your gun
  • Learn how to disassemble and reassemble your gun
  • Lubrication
  • Function testing

Carbine Basics - AR15 Training

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  • Build and disassemble an AR15
  • Adjust sites
  • Carbine accessories
  • Proper stance and grip for firing a carbine
  • Fix carbine malfunctions
  • Federal and state laws that apply to carbines

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

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  • Analyzed data from 48 mass shootings since Columbine
  • The impact of "gun free zones"
  • Creating an emergency operation plan
  • Discovering attacks early
  • Minimizing the number of victims
  • Learn life saving measures
  • Understand your attacker