Women's Firearms Safety Training Course

This women's firearms safety course is a USCCA based course and is taught by female instructors Lee and Honor. This is an all-in-one course for handguns and self defense. This course has been tailored for beginner to intermediate firearms training.

Women's Firearms Training

Our basic firearms training course is for female that wants to learn more about owning and operating firearms safely.  Many of our students have just purchased a firearm or are considering purchasing a gun. Our instructors have experience working with people that have little to no experience. We suggest that anyone interested in purchasing a firearm take this course first. Choosing the correct firearm is important.

Women's Firearm Training

Education Is Key

Our course is a deep dive look into guns and safety. We discuss revolvers and semi-automatics and describe the pros and cons of each type.  Our class includes the differences between single and double action firearms.

Women's Techniques

Learn new techniques for women and firearms. We discuss techniques for improving your aim and handling a firearm. Learn more about options for conceal carry that are specific to women.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy.  Call or text us at (909) 287-4870  or signup for the firearms safety class . The course regularly sells at $200.00.  We are currently offering it at $150.00.  Ask us about special pricing for groups. Be sure to indicate you are signing up for the Women's course. Purchase tickets from our site



Women's Only Firearms Training